DEFTECHDefense Technology
DEFTECHDRB-Hicom Defense Technologies SDN BHD
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In the initial stage, DEFTECH will be working on two of Tata Motors proven models, LPTA 715 and LPTA 1623.
Under an earlier agreement between FNSS and DEFTECH, FNSS sold 211 armoured personnel carriers to equip the Malaysian military.
The vehicle, to be manufactured by DEFTECH in Malaysia, is based on the FNSS-designed PARS 8x8 multi-purpose, multi-mission, wheeled armored vehicle.
FNSS will provide the technical assistance and technology transfer to enable DEFTECH to produce the vehicles in Malaysia.
For Saab, the agreement with Deftech is an important step in order to do further business in Malaysia and surrounding countries, says Thomas Linden, Head of Saab Malaysia.
Petronas, Deftech and Boustead will work with private companies, Pheonix International and iXBlue Australia in the next phase of the search, which will begin in a few months.
While the Arma has not yet found a customer in its 8x8 configuration, the same is not true for the Pars, which in its AV-8 derivative has been adopted by Malaysia, a $559 million contract having been signed in February 2011 with DefTech for the design, development, production and logistical support of 257 combat vehicles.
Apart from the two prototypes manufactured in Ankara, the first Pars-based 8 x 8s, although deeply redesigned, will be produced by Deftech underneath the semi-V shape hull to which the drive train is attached.
A last and interesting reference is the recently awarded contract for Malaysian 8x8 armoured vehicles to Deftech, teamed with Denel (weapon systems) and Sapura Thales (vehicle system integration).
FNSS of Turkey was also a major supplier to the Malaysian Army, having secured, with local partner Deftech, an order to supply 211 ACV-300 Adnan tracked vehicles in ten different variants in 2000 (in 2008 they would receive an order for 48 more ACV-300 and eight ACV-S vehicles).
FNSS delivered 146 ACV 300s (denoting the vehicle's 300 hp Detroit Diesel engine) to Malaysia from 2002 and the remainder were produced locally by Deftech.