DEGLDistance Education & Global Learning (Jamaica)
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In the same figure we also provide the array patterns obtained with single-objective optimization algorithms: CLPSO and DEGL.
We illustrated that the best compromise solution returned by MOEA/D-DE is able to comfortably outperform the best results obtained with well-known MOEAs like MODE and NSGA-2 as well as state-of the-art single-objective optimization algorithms: DEGL and CLPSO over two significant design instances.
Parametric set-up for MOEA/D-DE, CLPSO, and DEGL ([r.
DEGL will use the funds primarily to develop the first co-venture attraction at a tourist venue in North America, and also to fund DEGLs $4.
17 million of common share equity investment in DEGL
4 million from DEGL (flowed through from the $17 million DEGL Private Placement above)