DEHDear Evan Hansen (musical)
DEHDepartment of Environmental Health
DEHDepartment of the Environment and Heritage (Australia)
DEHDivision of Environmental Health (various locations)
DEHDirector of Environmental Health (United Kingdom)
DEHDirect Electrical Heating
DEHDépannage Entretien Houdanais (French: Troubleshooting Maintenance Houdan; Maulette, France)
DEHDirectorate of Engineering & Housing
DEHDigital Electrohydraulic
DEHDistribuidora El Hogar (Guatemala)
DEHDistribuidora Electro Hogar (Guatemala)
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The respective modules of the systems contain power components as well as a unique control and protection system for the topside equipment and subsea DEH cables.
DEH is a flow assurance tool used to avoid ice-like structures called hydrate plugs and the appearance of wax in production flow lines.
DEH Quantum Energy is comprised of Greece's PPC, Cyprus's Quantum Energy and Bank of Cyprus.
The project involved 10 major corporate and government organisations that had already committed to making their businesses more sustainable--Amcor Australasia, BHP Billiton, National Australia Bank (NAB), DEH, Parramatta City Council, Toyota Australia, Visy Industries, Wesley Mission Sydney, Westpac and Yarra Valley Water.
Not only is it a cleaner and quieter engine, it will save eight percent in greenhouse gas emissions and provide air quality advantages over an equivalent diesel engine," said DEH minister Ian Campbell.
Our challenge is to discover sustainable means of travel at the personal level," said DEH minister Ian Campbell.
2] The condition was named and further elaborated on by Schuknecht, who classified DEH as either ipsilateral, contralateral, or bilateral.
The Musage statistics program is perhaps the one best suited to our project for the DEH Library.
In response, DEH developed a contract with a consortium of Pennsylvania academic institutions, which developed a final report that year (Bresnitz et al.
The DEH system will prevent the formation of hydrocarbon ice or wax plugs in the Tyrihans pipeline in the event of production shutdowns.
So in August 2007, DEH hired Jeannette Sutton to design and implement a community-based social-marketing program.