DEIEDispositif d'Echange d'Informations d'Exploitation (French: Operations Information Exchange Device)
DEIEDivision of Early Intervention and Education (North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services)
DEIEDeutsches Entomologisches Institut Eberswalde (German: German Entomological Institute Eberswalde)
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DEIE (2007) - Direccion de Estadisticas e Investigaciones Economicas.
DEIE (2009) - Direccion de Estadisticas e Investigaciones Economicas en base a datos del Censo Nacional de Poblacion, Hogares y Viviendas 2001, ajustados anualmente segun registros de nacimientos y defunciones.
In addition to its community-based efforts, MLB has several internal programs to promote its diversity goals: The Executive Development Program supports the hiring of executives of color; the Diverse Business Partners Program helps to increase the number of diverse suppliers; and the DEIE, launched just last year, promotes market development opportunities.
Cleveland is working to improve its workforce diversity through DEIE.