DEIPDairy Export Incentive Program (USDA)
DEIPDeployment Extension Incentive Pay (US DoD)
DEIPDistrict Educational Improvement Plan (Texas)
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DEIP provides Australian Defence SMEs with the opportunity to market the Defence industry as an innovative, interesting and viable career path for engineering students who undertake a sponsored work placement in their firm.
REDARC is proud to be selected as a Defence-centric SME and look forward to working with the DEIP in upcoming internship placements over the coming years.
Para la confirmacion diagnostica se utilizaron los criterios de la Universidad de Duke (modificados) aplicados a pacientes con antecedentes de implante de un DEIP (marcapaso o cardiodesfibrilador).
The program level for DEIP has varied over the past few years
Europe's farm chief responded to Obama administration comments about restarting DEIP.
DEIP bonuses of $19 million were awarded in FY2009.
Levels of spending and volumes of product subsidized under EEP and DEIP already are subject to limitations under the existing Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture (URAA).
EEP spending has been negligible since 1996, but DEIP spending has been at the maximum allowed under international trade rules.
The bill reauthorizes both EEP and DEIP through 2007.
DEIP spending, however, has been at the maximum allowed under the Uruguay Round Agreement.
In practice, EEP has been used very little in recent years; DEIP has been used to the limits of the URAA.
The House version, cleared on October 5, 2001, reauthorizes the GSM, MAP, FMD, EEP, and DEIP programs for 10 years (through 2011); increases annual funding for MAP to $200 million; provides $37 million in annual funding for the FMDP; and reauthorizes and expands Food for Progress for 10 years.