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DEISDraft Environmental Impact Statement
DEISDiplôme d'Etat d'Ingénierie Sociale (French: State Diploma in Social Engineering)
DEISDielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society (IEEE)
DEISDefense Energy Information System
DEISDefense Enterprise Integration Services
DEISDepartment of Electronics and Information Science
DEISDuration of Ethanol-Induced Sleep (alcohol research)
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Despite the significance of the proposed oil and gas lease sales, only 11 individuals commented on the DEIS.
The Navy remains intent on deploying the LFAS into every ocean ecosystem on Earth, even though its DEIS was widely pilloried as the worst impact statement ever seen.
At the public hearings on the DEIS, opposition to road improvement and paving was overwhelming.
The DEIS notes that the plan includes construction of two new rail tubes in a single tunnel beneath the Hudson River that can maintain the existing level of train service while the North River Tunnel tubes are taken out of service one at a time for rehabilitation.
The Corps has a dedicated website for its Donlin project's DEIS at www.
Kids living across the road from a school are told there is no room for them and they should go nearby where there are plenty of places in the DEIS facility.
Gerry Kerr, Glasnevin Branch, demanded Mr Quinn apologise for the DEIS "fiasco" and for the "stroke of his pen" that increased the pupil teacher ratio from 15: 1 to 25:1.
According to the DEIS, the overall impact to the environment is estimated to be minimal.
Accordingly, General Moly expects the DEIS publication to occur before the year end and receive its ROD by mid-2011.