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DEJAVUDermatological Education as Joint Accomplishment of Virtual Universities
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6, 6:30-9 pm - Public opening of the exhibit, The Subtle Image at Dejavu Gallery Free and open to the public
After winning three MENA Crystals, 23 trophies at Lynx, including the best production house and the Lynx Palm Award, we were quite confident that we had created something special and had a strong case at an international platform such as Cannes," says Manasvi Gosalia, Executive Producer at Dubai-based production house Dejavu.
by Shirley Temple Beckett, Widnes MEMORIES Ethereal Wirral, skylark singing overhead Red Sandstone rocks, sea washed pools Pipers Lane, sandy track Tree tops high, shadows fall Of olden days, long ago Dejavu, have I been here before?
Also a day shall make way for all interested alumni for a trip to Pilani to the experience dejavu of the memorable years spent.
Hoy, la historia del 47 se va diluyendo y muchos jovenes se deslumbran todavia con las cuentas de vidrio del "sueno americano", como si fuera un dejavu de hace 500 anos.
A writer comes to the house of a man, whose wife was murdered 40 years earlier, and starts feeling a strange dejavu, although he has never been in this place before.
En otras palabras, conjuraban una especie de temporalidad posmoderna modulada por corrientes de referencia y repeticion, en las que las imagenes del presente estaban inevitablemente permeadas por una sensacion de dejavu.
Our repertoire varies day to day, but we have anywhere from 30 to 50 different dishes, depending on what's fresh, new, seasonal items and holidays, plus we're selling between 100 and 150 sandwiches a day out of our grab-and-go box," says executive chef Bob Miller, who has 38 years experience and once ran Dejavu restaurant in Philadelphia.
It was a case of dejavu for the visitors from Division 4 East as they shipped 14 tries.
Excusez-moi, but I'm getting a slight sense of dejavu.
From the Hot Banana interface, site publishers can now send Web pages, portions of Web pages and even entire Web sites to an XML-compatible translation memory system (TMS), such as DejaVu, Trados or SDLX.