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DELMIADigital Enterprise Lean Manufacturing Interactive Application
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PA) today announced that ATG Solutions GmbH, a manufacturer of production facilities and equipment, depends exclusively upon its DELMIA software solutions for validating its manufacturing facility and equipment efficiency.
DELMIA Automation helps to significantly reduce product launch time by identifying control logic errors well before implementation through evaluation of PLC programs and/or changes on virtual equipment instead of taking risks on the real equipment -- allowing the pre-commissioning of the PLC logic and program.
Time was crucial and DELMIA QUEST performed with indisputable results to produce a fully operational model in just nine days," said Bilbie.
So by having the PPR model shared by all of the software, it is now possible for a user to greatly improve the efficiency of process planning and verification within the context of a collaborative engineering program: Use CATIA for product design, use that information for process development with the DELMIA aps, then have ENOVIA for purposes of communicating and managing information.