DELNADiagnostic English Language Needs Assessment
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At the end of 2004, although some academic programmes would have preferred to continue administering the two-hour Diagnosis to all their first-year students, the DELNA Reference Group agreed to implement fully the two-phase structure of the assessment outlined in Figure 1, in the interests of cost-effectiveness.
A further development occurred in 2005, when the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), who has overall management responsibility for the DELNA programme, asked the deans of all faculties to make the Screening a requirement for all first-year students.
Diagnosis required: the student is advised to book for the Diagnosis phase of DELNA.
Those who believe their result may have been affected by a problem in the computer lab are encouraged to contact the DELNA Office so that their results can be reviewed and they can repeat the assessment.
How best to present DELNA to the students has always been a major consideration (Read 2008).
The advertising became more colourful; a photograph showed a multicultural group of students; the wording was changed so that the Screening was described as a "language health check"; and slogans such as DELNA will "get you off to a flying start as you begin your studies" were adopted.
In general, DELNA is a very good tool and worth of you to recommend its widespread use.
The fact that DELNA is for all first-year students is further reiterated on the website (www.
Obviously, it is also important that students should be adequately informed about the results of the DELNA assessment and what they mean in terms of any follow-up action that they should take.
The DELNA staff were concerned in particular about communicating with the students who were most at risk of poor academic achievement, as signalled by band scores of 4, 5 or 6 in the Diagnosis.
2009) In Semester one a friend and I went to about 10 workshops on writing and other things--may not have done that without the DELNA experience and talking to Jenni, etc.
In the online questionnaire which DELNA candidates complete at the end of their first semester of study, they are asked to give reasons for not making an appointment with the adviser or not following her advice.