DELPFDuke Environmental Law and Policy Forum
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Based on the experience of the DELPF editors and my former students over the years, the details of Section 9 of the Endangered Species Act or the liability requirements under Superfund fade away soon after the course ends.
Bob Inglis delivered the keynote address--the following excerpt is adapted from his remarks by DELPF editors.
As an interdisciplinary environmental legal journal, DELPF brings together the leading thinkers on a single topic during its annual symposium--ideally shedding light on the hurdles and associated solutions presented by the topic.
The symposium never would have happened without Tomer Hasson and Bradley Lerman, who were charged with coordinating and running the event from the DELPF side.
Bartlett of the Duke Law School, for offering unyielding support for DELPF in general, and this symposium in particular.
Of course, I must thank the DELPF staff, particularly Allison Ridder and L.
We do not write the pieces we publish (though an occasional DELPF member does publish a note); We screen them and make them publishable, restraining the impulse to edit out the authors voice in favor of our own.
DELPF held a symposium in November 2004 to address this contentious topic.
DELPF would like to recognize Hogan & Hartson, Duke University Program in Public Law, the Nicholas School of the Environment & Earth Sciences, Duke University Center for Environmental Solutions, Duke Law Environmental Law Society, Duke Law Democrats, Duke Law Federalist Society, and Duke Law Office of Student Affairs.
DELPF thanks Secretary Scarlett for the willingness to publish her address.
DELPF thanks Secretary Manson for his willingness to publish his address.