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DEMDepartment of Environmental Management
DEMDivision of Emergency Management
DEMDemonstration (File Name Extension)
DEMDiscrete Element Method (numerical simulation technique for particle dynamics problems)
DEMDepartment of Emergency Management (Texas)
DEMDeutsche Mark (former currency code; also seen as DM; replaced by EUR)
DEMDirect Email Marketing
DEMDeming (Amtrak station code; Deming, NM)
DEMDeus Ex Machina (Latin: God from the Machine)
DEMDiploma in Export Management (India)
DEMDigital Elevation Map
DEMDétresse des Enfants du Monde (French: Distress of Children of the World)
DEMDocument Exchange Model
DEMDigital Environmental Model
DEMData Emulator
DEMDigital Elevation Model
DEMDemurrage (shipping)
DEMDifferential Emission Measure
DEMDivision of Enrollment Management
DEMDemostrativo (Spanish: Demonstration)
DEMDirect-Entry Midwife
DEMDiplôme d'Etudes Musicales (French: Diploma of Musical Studies)
DEMDon't Eat Me
DEMData Entry Manager
DEMDigital Engine Management
DEMDust Extinction Moisture
DEMDose Efficace Moyenne (French: Average Effective Dose)
DEMDynamic Enterprise Modeling
DEMData Encapsulation Mechanism (cryptography; see also Key Encapsulation Mechanism)
DEMDiabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolism
DEMData Exchange Module (software engineering)
DEMDigital Elevation Matrix
DEMDécapages Emballages Métalliques (French: Stripping Metal Packaging)
DEMDétection Électro-Magnétique (French: Electro-Magnetic Detection)
DEMDembidollo, Ethiopia - Dembidollo (Airport Code)
DEMDigital Evaluation Model (mapping)
DEMDoor Eendracht Macht (Dutch)
DEMDynamic Estuary Model
DEMDepartment of Engineering Management
DEMDefect Estimation Model
DEMDiscrete Electromagnetism
DEMData Element Tool-Based Analysis
DEMDiagnostic Event Manager
DEMDigital Event Marker
DEMDistinguishable Electron Method
DEMDeployment Extension Model
DEMData Expert Meeting
DEMDensity Evolution Model
DEMDocument Evaluation Methodology
DEMDomain Executable Model
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Rocky DEM is capable of simulating realistic and concave particle shapes, particle breakage, boundary surface reduction due to wear, sticky and dry material contact laws, multiphysics, and more.
But last week the former parliamentary candidate quit the Lib Dems for Labour and, while the vehicle has been sold, he still retains the plates.
The highest difference between the real altitudes and the DEM was noticed for the SRTM DEM: 68 m for the minimum value and -41 m for the maximum altitude.
In order to evaluate the quality of the SRTM DEM, it was compared with two different digital elevation models: i) the 230 m x 230 m DTM for Italy and ii) the 25 m x 25 m DTM for Umbria Region, central Italy
The data collected in this experiment also has shown that the density values are greater in as-cast ductile iron than in heat-treated ductile iron and the DEM decreases in heat treated ductile iron.
John Favier, CEO of DEM Solutions, notes, "We are delighted to be formalizing the relationship with Fluent into a development partnership.
Its DEM enables superior interactive and enhanced TV applications in existing digital cable environments.
They each capitalize on the Bluestreak DEM platform to bring a new, broad base of games, services, and applications to digital cable.
Outlining his view of how the Lib Dems won the seat by 219 votes in 2005, Mr Dafis writes: "A fundamental component in their strategy was the 'twohorse race' message: if you want to block Plaid Cymru, there's no choice but to vote Lib Dem - do otherwise and your vote is wasted.
uk outcome 1: tory majority Labour fails to take many seats off the Tories in England and Wales as Conservatives rout Lib Dems in the South West.
Not only are the Lib Dems in government but they have emphatically sold out on their core issues of scrapping tuition fees, voting reform and an elected House of Lords.