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DEMODemonstration Reactor
DEMODesign & Engineering Methodology for Organizations (Netherlands)
DEMODeshler-Morris House (US National Park Service)
DEMODistrict Emergency Management Officer (New South Wales, Australia)
DEMODistrict Emergency Management Officer (Australia)
DEMODynamical & Evolutionary Machine Organization (Brandeis University)
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Now here the demo has intrigued people, but not enough to consider buying the game.
AND MOST IMPORTANTLY (seriously, this is important), go up to every one of the featured demo skateboarders and ask them for free shit.
Each sales branch received early-build machines that they could use to generate local exposure through farm shows, demos and so on.
Whether you're trying to sell products on the Internet, provide interactive training to customers or employees, or provide sales representatives with effective marketing tools, Turbo Demo lets you create eye-catching demonstrations quickly and easily.
A two-minute graphics loop demo can cost as little as $4,000 to produce, he says, but it's not unusual for the budget to exceed $100,000 for a Comdex-style demo.
We congratulate the other DEMOgods, all of the other DEMO 07 presenters, and the DEMO conference organizers for a fantastic event.
For more than 16 years, DEMO has established a reputation for identifying and presenting to an elite audience the products most likely to have a significant impact on the marketplace and market trends in the coming year.
We fiew into Sydney and had the good old unscheduled demo one day after arriving.
on the MGM, Warwick, Canadian American and Amy labels as Jerry Landis and graduated to the higher echelons of the demo business.
Helium excels at bringing order to user-contributed content, and it has hit upon an obvious unmet market need," said Chris Shipley, DEMO 2007 executive producer.
We were scheduled to do a demo at the Aero Skatepark, but the cops were demanding the park owner give them money or they wouldn't let the demo happen.
Low Power Demo Board - If you are searching for the lowest power FPGA, this demo platform leaves no doubt that QuickLogic's PolarPro technology is second to none in power consumption, providing designers of portable CE equipment a programmable platform ideal for solving IO and Data processing challenges, while preserving precious battery life.