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DENICDeutsches Network Information Center
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DENIC welcomes the noticeable focus on the candidates' technical competence.
DENIC is qualified to meet these technical specifications, and is also prepared to present the many other ways we can advance the Internet and the community through managing the .
DENIC is ideally poised to take over the administration of .
ICANN's revision earlier this month of its original timetable has no impact on the proposal being prepared by DENIC.
de registry business," said Sabine Dolderer, Director and Executive Board Member at DENIC.
We are delighted to support DENIC in their bid as they have demonstrated experience in operating a registry beyond the scale of .
As part of its agreement with DENIC, and per the signed Letter of Intent, Tucows has agreed to put systems and processes in place to ensure .
On January 18, 2005, DENIC submitted a proposal to ICANN to take over management of the .
In addition to our proven and highly regarded technical and operational capabilities -- which have been consistently and reliably delivered over the past ten years without a single breakdown -- the fact that we are a European registry is an advantage," said DENIC Executive Board member Sabine Dolderer.
This limits the circle of serious contenders to only a handful of bidders, including DENIC, which is one of the leading international registries.
The fact that DENIC has been offering high-quality, reliable .
AstraZeneca, which operates a plant in Westboro, didn't disclose the price of Denics International Co.