DENOSADemocratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa
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However, a few days into the strike the support of DENOSA and HOSPERSA became increasingly lukewarm and, in practice, ceased supporting the strike.
The Minister will be joined by union leaders from SADTU, NEHAWU, PSA, POPCRU, SAPU, NAPTOSA, DENOSA and HOSPERSA.
Sisulu's most significant contribution to her profession as a practising nurse-midwife was the pivotal role she played in the formation of DENOSA, under which umbrella nurses became unified and organised nationally; DENOSA became a full member of the International Council of Nurses in 1997.
Ma Sisulu was among five nurses recognised by DENOSA for contributions to the nursing profession globally at the International Council of Nurses congress held in Durban in 2009.
The violence and incitement were obviously organised--despite utterances to the contrary such as those of a union official also from DENOSA, talking on SAFM about 7.