DENOSADemocratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa
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DENOSA, 1998, Ethical standards for nurse researchers, DENOSA, Pretoria Dickson-Tetteth, K.
Ma Sisulu was among five nurses recognised by DENOSA for contributions to the nursing profession globally at the International Council of Nurses congress held in Durban in 2009.
DENOSA mourns passing away of Mama Albertina Sisulu.
DENOSA, 1998, Ethical standards for the nurse researcher, Denosa, Pretoria.
Ethical considerations were based on the DENOSA Ethical Standards for Nurse Researchers (Democratic Nurses Association of South Africa, 1998:2.
To ensure ethical conduct the research utilised aspects from Brink (1996:39-46), Burns and Grove (1997:204-207) and DENOSA (1998).
Consent contained all the rights, to which subjects were entitled, which included the following: anonymity and confidentiality, the right to privacy and the right to protection from any discomfort or harm (Burns & Grove, 1997:197-206; DENOSA, 1998:1-8).
Verskeie outeurs (Brink, 1996:39; DENOSA, 1998:1-7; Uys & Basson, 1991:39-47; Sanne, Firnhaber, Jentsch & Ive, 2000:42) het etiese riglyne gedokumenteer en 'n kombinasie van hierdie riglyne is tydens die uitvoering van hierdie navorsing gehandhaaf.
The researcher ensured that the participants' rights, namely the right to privacy, the right to anonymity and confidentiality, the right to fair treatment and the right to protection from discomfort and harm, were considered throughout the process (Brink, 1996:39; Burns & Grove, 1997:200-26; DENOSA (SAVV, 1991:1-7)).
DENOSA (Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa) states that midwives have a right to freedom of conscience, that they may not be denied employment, may not be victimised either for choosing to participate or choosing not to participate in TOPs.