DENRDepartment of Environment and Natural Resources
DENRDepartment of Energy and Natural Resources
DENRDivision of Environment and Natural Resources (North Carolina)
DENRDirectorate of Environmental and Natural Resources (US Army)
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But as one of the whistleblowers in the Wake Forest dumping cases dryly noted, "That's why we have to have a properly funded DENR and EPA, because if we don't have it, you get to wait five or six years, and your children drink poisoned water.
The DENR has documented that the nation's forest cover has fallen from 70 percent in 1900 to 24 percent (with several NGOs saying that figure is closer to 10 percent).
DENR and NCDOT identified appropriate locations to place signs along primary routes designating the boundaries of each river basin.
In May 1996, DENR sent a soil scientist to Onslow County to conduct a quality assurance review The soil scientist discovered an improperly issued septic-system permit.
However, when the Division of Environmental Health of the DENR conducted follow-up tests across the state, it found no significant threats to drinking water quality, according to Malcolm Blalock, the division's deputy director.
Creating an entirely new methodology to calculate the fine that dramatically increased the size of the penalty, making it $24 million higher than similar fines issued by NC DENR.
Because of the fire, DENR Secretary Ramon Paje said it is likely that the Mt Banahaw-San Cristobal complex would be declared off limits to the public.
The STRONGER review concluded that the DENR environmental programs are mature and the staff has significant experience.
Forester Ocampo also cited DENR Memorandum dated April 30, 2012 issued by DENR Undersecretary Analiza Rebuelta-Teh as the basis for the deferment and suspension in the processing of all requests and applications for tree cutting permits.
The actions by NC DENR send a chilling message to the North Carolina business community.
In turn, the fungal hyphae (filaments) grow out from the roots and bring water and soil nutrients back into the plant host," the DENR said.
Overcash at NC DENR requesting that the proposed facility be responsible for any forthcoming regulation concerning a new [rather than existing] facility, regardless of when the permits are issued.