DENSUSDetasemen Khusus (Special Detachment; Indonesia)
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Total quantity or scope: Contract of performance: Services for surveillance, prevention, control and eradication of animal diseases, those transmitted from animals to humans, animal protection and environmental protection, the identification and registration of bovine animals, swine, sheep, goats and equines, the miscariiacestora and correcting any errors or nonconformities arising from failure to observe the recording or recording errors CSVA sites: Lot1-ANINOASA, Lot2-BLAJENI, LOT3-BUCES LOT 4 DENSUS, LOT5-ILIA, LOT6-Orastioara de UP LOT 7-Petrosani, LOT 8 RAU DE MORI, LOT9-ROMOS, SANATAMARIE ORLEA LOT 10 LOT 11 SIMERIA, SOIMUS LOT 12 LOT 13 VULCAN, JUD.