DEOMIDefense Equal Opportunity Management Institute
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Ross, Toward an Operational Defunition of Cross-Cultural Competence from Interview Data, DEOMI Technical Report 08-01, 2008.
The results of this study suggest that, for the DEOMI non-resident course, student self-assessment of learning was related to the relevance of the instruction and the overall effectiveness of the training event and the use of immediate feedback.
For DEOMI courses, how many hours AVERAGE did you spend on each module?
How well did the online modules prepare you for the in-residence portion of the DEOMI RCCEOA course?
In conjunction with TCC and the DEOMI collaborative efforts, the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness initiated a 'National Language and Culture Initiative' to begin development of more opportunities for culture and language to be trained in the military and supported at public and private school systems throughout the U.
The TCC and DEOMI continue developing various forms of the American Experience for inclusion into all levels of education and training in the U.
The program used at the TCC and DEOMI could be adopted for use across the U.