DEPIDivision of Environmental Policy Implementation (UN)
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Over the last 15 years, the site has been grazed by sheep as part of the DEPI Rutherglen farm.
In 1939, the site was reported as a natural pasture at the outset of the study, with unpublished records from the DEPI stating that 'we can safely conclude that there was a goodly proportion of native perennials such as kangaroo grass and wallaby grass'.
Nationals Candidate for Ripon Scott Turner said the new site brought together staff from the previously separate DEPI office and depot.
Not only will a centralised unit provide a better work environment and more effective use of resources for staff, it will benefit emergency response and recovery, as well as routine DEPI operations," Mr Turner said.
Strengthening the CFA's partnership with DEPI will provide firefighters with on-the-ground training and mentoring from experienced firefighters in a controlled, but real-life environment.
Mr Wells said the arrangement would also improve inter-agency coordination between CFA and DEPI and significantly reduce the risk of bushfires to Victorian communities across the state.
The successful creation of DEPI has received wide accolades from the grassroots of farmers and communities, but the same Labor MPs who thought the North-South Pipeline was a good idea want to wreck the good work.
With DEPI now regionally focused there is increased surge capacity to better manage local incidents, including biosecurity and animal welfare matters, and this was proven with widespread praise from landowners for DEPI s animal welfare response teams during last summer s bushfires.
This includes the creation of six new dairy research jobs at DEPI in Ellinbank, bringing more world-class scientists to the Gippsland region.
Our world-renowned dairy scientists at DEPI will focus on understanding and addressing the decline in cow fertility and increasing the amount of milk cows produce.
DEPI Senior Scientist Dr David Nash said the adaption of metabolomics to soil analysis involved focussing on the water surrounding soil particles from which pasture plants extract the nutrients they need to grow.
Under this agreement DEPI and AEGIC will provide the industry with information such as quality requirements of specific markets, crop yield and quality estimates, the emergence of new markets and niche opportunities, Mr Walsh said.