DEPMEDSdeployable medical systems (US DoD)
DEPMEDSDeployable Medical System
DEPMEDSDeployable Medical Shelter
DEPMEDSDeployable Medical Systems Development System
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The Army Logistics Innovation Agency, the field operating agency of the Army G-4, tested the use of MEMS RFID for DEPMEDS at Sierra Army Depot at the request of the Army Materiel Command and the Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command, in collaboration with the U.
During the demonstration, MEMS RFID provided the ability to view DEPMEDS environmental data remotely and receive automatic alerts of high and low temperatures or humidity conditions.
The new ISO prototype also offers users protection from chemical and biological agents, something the current DEPMEDS ISO can't offer without extra labor and supplies.
DEPMEDS is the term generically applied to any collection of medical and dental equipment and related facilities, materials, and supplies needed to sustain a desired level of medical care in a field environment for military, humanitarian, and disaster relief operations anywhere in the world.
The GEM Stat instrument, selected for the Army from a field of five competing blood gas instruments, is ideal for the DEPMEDS environment due to its small size, ease of use with minimal training requirement and test menu," said Robert G.
Since then, Picker DEPMEDS CT scanners have been used at field hospitals in Somalia and South Korea.
Prior to developing the DEPMEDS unit in 1991, Picker installed the first shipboard CT scanners in 1989 aboard the USNS Comfort and the USNS Mercy.