DEPSDiluted Earnings Per Share
DEPSDiplôme d’Etat de Psychologie Scolaire (French: State Diploma of School Psychology; professional certification)
DEPSDivision on Engineering and Physical Sciences (The National Academies)
DEPSDuty Entitlement Passbook Scheme
DEPSDomestic Emergency Planning System
DEPSData Entry and Payment System
DEPSDanbury Eye Physicians and Surgeons, PC (ophtalmology group)
DEPSDouble Ended Pump Suction
DEPSDevelopment Engineering Prototype Site
DEPSDynamically Evolving Process Structures
DEPSDépartement des Études de la Prospective et des Statistiques (French: Department of Prospective Studies and Statistics)
DEPSDirected Energy Professional Society (est. 1999)
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Compared to the conventional DEPS that targets biodegradation only, in this work, we aim for the degradation of the newly developed DEPS by using not only a biodegradation promotor but also a composting enhancer, to shorten the period for the complete decomposition of EPS.
Cylindrical DEPS that was extruded by the injection mold was hemisected to flatten, and then rolled for storage.
Characterization of Raw Materials for DEPS Manufacturing
The TGA and DSC measurements of raw materials of DEPS were conducted to confirm the melting and decomposition temperature (Fig.
If DEPS contains more information than AEPS, then it signifies that earnings based on foreign GAAP may convey information that may be lost in reconciliation with US GAAP financial statements (Chan, Seow 1996).
Using data from the UK for 1987-1990, Pope and Rees (1992) found DEPS dominates AEPS in explaining ADRNs, indicating that the market exhibits a limited response to changes in accounting information.
Annual DEPS in US dollars for firm i during SEO in year t is taken as the figure for underlying stock; annual AEPS for firm i during the domestic stock SEO year represents ADR EPS.
With the indication that the impacts on ADRN are different among SR, LD, USI, DEPS, and AEPS, additional analysis is needed to determine if indeed the differing influences are diverse between domestic stock before and after SEO.
The DEPS symposium is expected to bring together more than 700 participants seeking valuable information on Directed Energy technology from more than 15 booths and 2 events, including general sessions, speaker luncheons, plenary sessions, poster sessions and presentation and exhibitor tracks.
The revised expectation reflects anticipated third-quarter 2000 DEPS from continuing operations of approximately 85 cents, excluding restructuring charges and the aforementioned gains, compared to management's previous estimate of 91 cents to 93 cents.
The company noted that the negative impact of foreign currency on full-year 2000 DEPS is expected to be approximately 30 cents.