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DERADefense Environmental Restoration Account
DERADisaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Association, International
DERADrought Emergency Relief Assistance (Pakistan)
DERADanish Energy Regulatory Authority
DERADefense Environmental Restoration Act
DERADrycleaner Environmental Response Act
DERADefence Evaluation and Research Agency (UK)
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Both Ford and DERA will retain equal stakes in the new company, while they continue to explore joint commercialization opportunities with other companies.
EPA states DERA returns a minimum of $13 for every $1 invested and by some estimates, as high as $20 for every $1 invested through environmental and public health benefits.
DERA noted that the MX1 operates best in a three-server system, adding that the performance of a single MX1 machine "appears to be outstanding when compared to the MX1's industry competition.
Advances in computing power will naturally evolve and DERA has produced world beating IP both for the computer-generated hologram algorithms and displays.
By using a variety of detection technologies, and investigating data fusion techniques to combine the sensor outputs, DERA aims to achieve very stringent detection and false alarm rate requirements against a wide range of threats.
After DERA completes its evaluation in early 1999, the aircraft will be reconfigured for operational use before its delivery to the Royal Air Force at RAF Lyneham.
The early work carried out by DERA with the Cortecs oral delivery formulation of their antigens provides evidence of the ability of Macromune to deliver antigens to the intestine and generate significant antibody levels.
DERA MURAD JAMALI -- Dera Allah Yar Police arrested a woman for killing her husband and shifted her to Dera Murad Jamali Jail.
WHAT LED TO THE DERA POPULARITY IN PUNJAB THE Sikhism, which was propounded as a monotheistic religion and rejected casteism slowly embraced casteism.
DERA ISMAIL KHAN -- Some unidentified armed men gunned down five people while wounding other three on early Sunday morning in Dera Ismail Khan, district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, officials said.
DERA MURAD JAMALI -- A cleaner of a truck was killed when he fell from moving truck Tuesday.