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DETDepartment of Education and Training (Australia)
DETDeterminant (mathematics)
DETDepartment of Employment and Training
DETData Entry Terminal
DETData Element Type (function point analysis)
DETDirectory Entry Table (Novell NetWare)
DETDirect Energy Transfer
DETDetached Duty (overtime forms)
DETDevice Execute Trigger
DETDetection Error Trade-Off
DETDivision of Enterprise Technology (Utah and Wisconsin)
DETDistributed Explosive Technology
DETDigital Emotional Technology (JVC)
DETDiplôme d'Etudes Théâtrales (French: Theatre Studies Diploma; various universities)
DETDisplaced Equipment Training
DETDouble End Trimmed (lumber)
DETDetermination of Equivalent Treatment
DETData Event Table (PSIP, HDTV broadcasting)
DETDomestic Emission Trading
DETDynamic Environment and Terrain
DETDecomposition Event Tree
DETDiversity Education Team
DETDirected Enforcement Team
DETDevelopment Error Tracer
DETDynamically Extensible Transfer
DETDate Entered Training
DETDesign Evaluation Test
DETDetailed Electrical Test
DETDetroit City Airport, Detroit, Michigan (Airport Code)
DETDirectorate of Educational Technology (US Army)
DETDirector of Event Technology
DETDisplaced Equipment Team
DETDistortion Energy Theory
DETDiffusion Électro Thermique (French: Electro Thermal Diffusion)
DETDirection de l'Exécution des Contrats de Travaux (French: Directorate for the Execution of Work Contracts)
DETDécentralisation et Économie des Territoires (French: Decentralization and the Economy of Territories)
DETDistributed Energy Technologies
DETDepartamento de Educación Teológica
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At the same time, the cumulative multiple birth rate declined from 20% in the DET period to 9% in the eSET period.
A higher proportion (49%) of deliveries in the eSET period occurred after frozen-thawed embryo transfer, compared with the DET period (35%), emphasizing the value of cryopreservation of embryos, "which until now has been underestimated in most countries," they said.
Mean differences between DET and IND growth habits were significant for each of the traits measured.
The average flowering date, maturity date, and length of the reproductive period were virtually the same for DET and IND isolines at each of the two planting dates and for the two row spacings in each year of the study.
DET is part of the Delta Group, the world's largest provider of switching power supplies and brushless fans, as well as a major source for power management solutions, components, visual displays, industrial automation, networking products, and renewable energy solutions.
However, the trustees of DET acted responsibly by taking action to address this matter by agreeing a reduction in the special payment due at the termination of the 2012 contract.
Our partnership with Cox and use of their network will allow us to reach out to more Rhode Islanders with information that could help them become gainfully employed," said DET Director Fitch.