DETYADepartment of Education, Training and Youth Affairs
DETYADepartment of Employment, Training and Youth Affairs (Australia)
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DETYA (Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs) (1998), 'The characteristics and performance of higher education institutions', Occasional Paper Series, Higher Education Division, November, AGPS, Canberra.
Sources: ABS unpublished data; DETYA statistical collections: www.
Anecdotal evidence suggests that in some universities, commercial operations such as international marketing actually lose money overall; that is, the institution subsidizes its fee-based activities and the corporate operations supporting those activities from sources such as donations, university investments and shrinking DETYA operating grants
Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST), 'Staff 2000: Selected Higher Education Statistics', Canberra, DETYA, 2001, p.
Take, for example, the recent DETYA report, School innovation: Pathway to the knowledge society (Cuttance, 2001).
Research income is based on universities' relative performance in generating external grant income, enrolling and graduating RHD (research higher degree) students, and producing publications as defined by DETYA.
Susan Nichols conducted the South Australian case studies for the national DETYA funded project: Primary school children with learning difficulties: literacy and numeracy (Louden et al.
The term used by DETYA in the brief for this project was `learning disabilities', which has many similarities to the definition of `specific learning disability' in terms of exclusionary criteria, and was defined by DETYA in their tender document as:
In contrast the term `learning disabilities', used by DETYA in the project brief was used by only one in ten schools.
This is achieved through a range of application-based schemes which are administered by the ARC and formula-driven research funding schemes which are administered by DETYA.
She is currently working on a national research project funded by DETYA, titled `Literacy development in the early years: A longitudinal study from the year prior to school to the first four years of school'.
Action is being taken by DETYA, universities on their own and in consortia such as Union, the organisations generating student course satisfaction (CEQ) and graduate employment (GDS) data and the Good universities guide.