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DEUGermany (ISO Country code)
DEUDokuz Eylul University
DEUDelegated Examining Unit (US Government)
DEUDemocratic Union (Czech Republic)
DEUDeutsche Eislauf-Union (German: German Skating Union)
DEUDrug Enforcement Unit
DEUDisplay Electronics Unit
DEUDumb End User
DEUDigital Electronics Unit
DEUDistinctive Environmental Uniform
DEUDisk Expansion Unit (server technology for storage solutions)
DEUDisplay Electronic Unit
DEUDefective End-User
DEUData Encryption Unit
DEUDoom Editing Utilities
DEUDeck/Engine Utility
DEUDigital Enabled Usages
DEUDrive Electronics Unit (Heads-up Guidance System)
DEUDigital Evaluation Unit
DEUDunya Europe University (Switzerland)
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DEU was founded in 1977 and since then, has grown rapidly to be a major regional university in Busan with state-of-the-art research and education facilities.
Key roles include a clinical liaison nurse (CLN) who supports the clinical area when students are on clinical placement and an academic liaison nurse who provides consistent support to the CLN, DEU, staff and students.
The DEU model has become widely accepted, with some variations to reflect local needs, as an alternative to preceptorship in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and America.
This would allow traditional nurse teachers and DEU clinical instructors more time to impart knowledge, teach clinical skills, or have conversations that hone critical thinking skills.
6 Nico HULKENBERG DEU Sahara Force India F1 Team 1:36.
The DEU, in conjunction with the DEA, continued a program in Great Inagua to enforce Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas requirements that vessels entering Bahamian territorial waters report to Bahamian Customs.
The DEU is mounted in conjunction with a latched access lock.
Intelicare says that energy saving with the WD series is better than with either of New Omap's other desiccant dryer ranges: 35 per cent better than the older technology DEU range and up to 20 per cent better than the newer technology DE dryers.
Apart from first-order risk aversion, a second characteristic property of DEU is the linearity in payments.
The DEU caters for a maximum of 10 students at a time.
BACKGROUND A two-year, multisite, mixed-methods study with a randomized control trial was designed to isolate the effects of the DEU innovation on clinical education quality, teaching capacity, work life, and productivity.
The DEU and Bahamian Customs, in conjunction with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), continued a program in Great Inagua to enforce GCOB requirements that vessels entering Bahamian territorial waters report to Bahamian Customs.