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DEUCEDeployable Universal Combat Earthmover (Army)
DEUCEDigital Electronic Universal Computing Engine
DEUCEDown-Sized End-User Computer Equipment
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He rose as Newman approached, and, as he laid his hand upon the bell, said with a smile, in English, that he was afraid Newman would be kept waiting; the servants were scattered, he himself had been ringing, he didn't know what the deuce was in them.
Quite high enough to play the deuce with us, though," I replied.
If you could have seen poor little Miss Emmy's face when she asked me about you the other day, you would have pitched those billiard-balls to the deuce.
I've got a deuce of a lot of rushing about to do yet.
I was in the deuce of a hurry, and didn't know that I should ever get what I wanted in time, and that's a fact.
Enclosed is a photo of Deuce, work-hardened and wiser, looking to the horizon on the endless prairie in the high plains of the Rosebud Native American Reservation in central South Dakota, home of the Lakota/Sioux tribes.
In addition to private dining rooms, Deuce offers a superb dining experience in its beautifully crafted interior dining area, mezzanine and patio.
Deuce Disposal has expanded in the Slave Lake area since 1981, offering a complete range of waste collection services including residential waste collection and recycling, commercial waste collection and recycling, metals processing, and custom waste bin solutions to the oilfield service facilities in the region.
The Deuce was poured at an Oskar Blues Brewery at the "It's All about the Package" release party following the Great American Beer Festival.
SP Misra, who has been appointed the non- playing captain for the London Games, for one thinks that Paes should stick to the deuce court and Sania should change to left.
Murray had to battle and held on to his opening three service games after being taken to deuce on each occasion.
And with the warm response and support from Deuce fans and Mississippians, the Foundation hopes to expand to Hattiesburg, Starkville, and the Delta--bringing that joy to more and more Mississippi youth.