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DEVADeath Valley National Park (US National Park Service)
DEVADesign for Validation (ESPRIT project)
DEVADesarrollo Empresarial Vinculado a Asturias (Spanish: Business Development Linked to Asturias; Spain)
DEVADistributed Environment for Visualisation Applications
DEVADevelopment Acceptance
DEVADocument - Enabled Virtual Applications
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You need a lot of stamina and practice," Deva added.
As a result, Deva resigned from government service with the intention of commencing private practice in Lorne Street, Durban, in 1969.
In his previous research, Professor Deva found that a major cause for the hardening of the tissue around the implant was because of the bacteria that lived in the clumps attached to the implants.
Drawing helps me show how creative I can be and what kind of stories I can tell," Deva said.
Deva Premal: Music is my greatest challenge, because it's such a mirror of how present I am, how daring I am, how timid I am, how much I hold back, how adventurous I can be.
Deva Holding is a major manufacturer of generic drugs in Turkey.
The community is afraid we're closing, but we're trying to do just the opposite," Deva says.
Deva Racing are proud of the quality of service they offer their owners, and the fixed cost means owners know from day one how much their horse will cost them.
Swedish business and IT consulting company Acando AB said on Tuesday (6 February) that it has agreed to acquire consulting firm Deva Management Consulting AB from investment group Deva Group.
Born in the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo, Deva has both Sri Lankan and British citizenship.
Tory MEP Nirj Deva issued a press release condemning Mrs Kinnock for alleged remarks at an EU conference in Vienna.