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DEVETDepartment of Employment Vocational Education and Training (Australia)
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Oko devet i po sahata mi smo svi lezali u postelji, samo mati sto je sdela s rukama u krilu i beznacajnim pogledom gledala u svecu.
Two converted tries and a penalty, from the ebullient Devet, gave the home side a 17-7 half-time lead extended by a further try 10 minutes into the second half.
Marika Devet, Aberaman, Aberdare "THERE are never enough shops selling menswear and children's clothes, but Aberdare has most of what you need.
ON THE MOVE: From left, Scott Smith from Scandiavian Designs, Chris Sutton from King Sturge, Linda Devet Pa to Christine Chapman, Neil Cross from the WDA, Anders Hedlund of International Greetings, Pauline Jarman AM, Christine Chapman AM and John Jones of International Greetings move into a new Distribution centre at Hirwaun Industrial Estate Picture: Andrew James
Similarly, Bonnie Devet invites tutors who have graduated to return and reflect on their writing center experiences, reflections that, in turn, inform current tutors working there.
Then, Bonnie Devet and Alison Barbiero, seeking a new way to prevent tutor burnout or tutoring on auto-pilot, suggested that tutors ask for advice about their tutoring by writing to "Dear Labby.
Then, Bonnie Devet illustrates her point about how writing centers differ to fit their specific context by looking at two British writing centers.
Bonnie Devet focuses on questions new directors hear from faculty and offers very helpful advice.
Bonnie Devet and the tutors in her Writing Lab discuss methods and outcomes when developing a DVD for tutor training.
Bonnie Devet, Joanne Cinense, Kaylee Rogers, and Chris Snyder
Then, moving on to helping tutors with their questions about grammar, Bonnie Devet describes her method for answering such questions, which she has sorted into several levels of frequency, depending on how often the questions recur year after year.
It's by Bonnie Devet, who writes about a 1988 article by Wendy Bishop that still speaks to her tutors in meaningful ways.