DEVGRPSpecial Warfare Development Group (US Navy designation for SEAL Team Six; Dam Neck Virginia)
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Aurelia could have understood the feeling of a narrow-minded and conventional hen who has brought a strange, intrepid duckling into the world; but her situation was still more wonderful, for she could only compare her sensations to those of some quiet brown Dorking who has brooded an ordinary egg and hatched a bird of paradise.
Let my accents swell to Mickleham on one side, and Dorking on the other.
About five miles from Dorking, looking over the Weald.
Now, you remember the sudden end of the engagement between the Honourable Miss Miles and Colonel Dorking.
Said 'e was going to Dorking if the High Road was good enough.
In our domestic animals, if any part, or the whole animal, be neglected and no selection be applied, that part (for instance, the comb in the Dorking fowl) or the whole breed will cease to have a nearly uniform character.
Begbie the gardener is to go to Dorking, and own that the Sergeant has beaten him at last.