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DEVISEDefence Virtual Information Service (UK)
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Go, get thee gone, and by thyself devise some tricking game to trap these rebels; and never let me see thy face at court again until thou hast a better tale to tell.
To tell the truth, I'm well informed Yon match it is a wile; The Sheriff, I know, devises this Us archers to beguile.
There was no little cunning in this proposal, which indeed emanated not from any Isosceles -- for no being so degraded would have had angularity enough to appreciate, much less to devise, such a model of state-craft -- but from an Irregular Circle who, instead of being destroyed in his childhood, was reserved by a foolish indulgence to bring desolation on his country and destruction on myriads of his followers.
Everything had been done to make the iron ship perfect, but no wit of man had managed to devise an efficient coating composition to keep her bottom clean with the smooth cleanness of yellow metal sheeting.
Poyser on his arm; and last of all Bartle Massey, with Lisbeth--Lisbeth in a new gown and bonnet, too busy with her pride in her son and her delight in possessing the one daughter she had desired to devise a single pretext for complaint.
THE MICE summoned a council to decide how they might best devise means of warning themselves of the approach of their great enemy the Cat.
THE city of Gakwak being about to lose its character of capital of the province of Ukwuk, the Wampog issued a proclamation convening all the male residents in council in the Temple of Ul to devise means of defence.
SHE Outdoor Apparel, designers and producers of women's outdoor clothing, selected Chevalier to devise a comprehensive PR program that will enhance sales and distribution channels, as well as develop an effective website presence.
These judges are especially apt to presume that they have "the requisite intellectual capacity" to devise by the light of their own unaided reason a new moral and legal order suitable for our time.
A multifaceted approach to assessment helps Pipkin and her colleagues devise an appropriate plan to meet that goal for all kids.
A married owner without a minor child may devise the homestead outright to the surviving spouse; otherwise, the married owner may not devise the homestead.
Wixted says FBI and law enforcement officials may take part in these drills, working with management to devise a consistent response.