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DEWDistant Early Warning (Line)
DEWDepartment of Environment and Water Resources (Australia)
DEWDiamond Equivalent Weight (jewelry)
DEWDeutsche Edelstahlwerke
DEWDiagnostic Evidence Worksheet
DEWDirected Energy Weapon
DEWDefense Early Warning
DEWDampfeisenbahn Weserbergland (Germany)
DEWDonald E. Westlake (novelist)
DEWDortmunder Energie Und Wasser (German: Dortmund Energy and Water)
DEWDirected Energy Warfare
DEWDeveloping the Economy from Within
DEWDigital Ethnography Workgroup
DEWDirected Early Warning
DEWDirectors' Early Warning
DEWData Engineering Workstation
DEWDefensive Electronic Warfare
DEWDepartment of Energy and Water
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Meanwhile, the Dew Crew will put on a show for the audience as they exhibit gravity-defying skateboarding and BMX tricks.
Marsh, who in many ways grew up at DEW Engineering, has innovation in his bones.
Before we look at the dew point in detail, we must be aware that firstly, the higher the temperature of the air, the more water (vapour) can be absorbed by it; secondly, the maximum water content of the air therefore depends on the temperature; and, finally, the relationship of actual water in the air ([m.
With the addition of a dew point dependent switching feature for periods of intermittent load, incorporated into the electronic controller of every CDT dryer, initial investment costs are quickly amortised and life-time costs minimised.
in May," said Dew, who has years of retail experience including a two year stint at Macy's in East Wenatchee.
PepsiCo India today announced the launch of Mountain Dew Game Fuel in India - an exciting new and bold variant.
Various other local DJs rocked three separate DJ Rooms with stages exclusively for each Dew flavour labeled as Live Wire, Pitch Black and Blue Shock.
In December 2014 DEW was awarded the contract to build 20 new snowmobiles for the Canadian Army for deployment to Joint Task Force North (JTFN) in Yellowknife, with the option for the government to request 20 more by the end of 2015.
Mountain Dew is a flag bearer for guys who want to have an exhilarating, good time.
And there Dew is, smile as wide as the little lagoon of water he's sunk his toes into.
The outdoor campaign features Mountain Dew dare devils 'zip-lining' their way through Karachi on an action spree.
said Kara Bowen, community manager for parent company Honey Dew Associates.