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DEWARDepartment of Employment and Workplace Relations (Australia)
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If it wasn't for the Donald Gorries of this world who mindlessly oppose everything, then Dewar probably would have consulted more on the Parliament site.
Mr Dewar has a precious place in history as the First Minister of Scotland's first ever democratic Parliament.
In his, Chalmers saw fit to launch into a New Labour mantra about how much Labour is delivering for the Scottish people and how good Donald Dewar is.
Mr Dewar was not taking part in a debate in the Parliament on the first stage of the Ethical Standards in Public Life Bill which would lead to the abolition of Section 28 - the law which bans the promotion of homosexuality in schools.
In a letter to the finance committee, Presiding Officer George Reid implied decisions made by Mr Dewar as Scottish Secretary caused the project's troubles.
Mr Dewar, aged 62, who is divorced, is expected to leave hospital today.
He also claimed Dewar reacted callously when he was told Canavan's son Paul had died of cancer in 1989.
On August 5, 1953, two weeks before his 16th birthday, the young Dewar was suffering from painful nose bleeds.
In a further attack, Mr Russell said: "Only minutes before Chalmers resigned, Donald Dewar was giving him his backing.
Dewar - fuelled by drugs and Buckfast - stabbed Joshua near his home because he was "the closest boy to him".
Prof Ross Harper, a friend of the Labour politician and Scottish First Minister for more than 40 years, said Mr Dewar had never bought a single share.
Dewar, who died in 2000, told MSPs the wrong cost during a crucial debate in 1999 because officials hid the parliament's true price from him.