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DEWARDepartment of Employment and Workplace Relations (Australia)
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Dewar - fuelled by drugs and Buckfast - stabbed Joshua near his home because he was "the closest boy to him".
Prof Ross Harper, a friend of the Labour politician for more than 40 years, was "saddened" by claims that Mr Dewar advocated socialism while privately investing.
But, as the Fraser inquiry heard last year, civil servants failed to tell Dewar that.
Mr Dewar, who died suddenly last year, left a pounds 2million estate including shares in some privatised companies.
Yesterday it was revealed that Dewar signed his will on April 24 last year, the day before he was admitted to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary for an exploratory operation.
Bacardi Limited acquired John Dewar & Sons Limited and the Dewar's brand in 1998.
Mr Dewar honed his debating skills as a Glasgow undergraduate in the 1950s.
It emerged that soon after Labour came to power in 1997, Minister for Devolution McLeish sent then Scottish Secretary Dewar a memo.
In excluding Dennis Canavan from Labour in the Parliament Donald Dewar took an unpopular decision.
EVIDENCE: McLeish, above, told the inquiry yesterday, that he advised Dewar, left, not to build a parliament before MSPs had a say.
He said: "Donald Dewar would have been the last to acknowledge the true scale of his life's achievements.