DFFTDiscrete Fast Fourier Transform (software)
DFFTDamn-Fast Fourier Transform
DFFTDouble Forward Fourier Transform
DFFTDeutscher Fußball Fitness Test (German Soccer Fitness Test)
DFFTDomestic Funding of Foreign Training (India)
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Note that the 2D DFFT method proposed in [12] is actually equivalent to the case with P = 1.
Example 1 takes the same function f(x,y) as in [12] so as to compare this algorithm with the 2D FFT algorithm and the 2D DFFT method proposed in [12]; Example 2 shows the results for an oscillatory spatial function; Example 3 compares the 2D CFT algorithm with the traditional 2D FFT algorithm from accuracy, computation time and sampling density required in the spatial domain; Example 4 compares the results by 2D CFT and 2D FFT algorithm for a spatial function whose support area S includes multiple regions.
It shows that the addressed method can obtain several orders of magnitude more accurate than traditional 2D FFT or 2D DFFT proposed in [12] under the same sampling density, as are shown in Fig.