DFSSDepartment of Family and Support Services (Chicago, IL)
DFSSDesign For Six Sigma
DFSSDefence Force School of Signals (Australian Defence Force)
DFSSDefence Food Services School (Ministry of Defence; UK)
DFSSDental Fear Survey Schedule
DFSSDecision Frontier Solutions Suite (Informix)
DFSSDielectric Frequency Selective Surface
DFSSDetoxification Fear Survey Schedule (questionnaire)
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DFSS is not only used in the development of new products or research, it is also used for the process improvement of marketing, sales, and service activity.
To begin a study of DFSS and process improvement, you need an understanding of the goal of Six Sigma.
To create world-class products and valuable research results, it developed sophisticated R&D management processes based on DFSS (defined as the design of new products and services with a Six Sigma capability and performance).
Raytheon Missile Systems has been implementing DFSS and provides the following insights and challenges to others interested in DFSS deployment.
Each DFSS project begins by identifying customers, doing a full analysis to understand their needs, designing innovative products, and putting in place the processes and services that will meet those needs.
Our recently introduced Borazon CBN-1000 grinding product was a result of a DFSS development.
This book is the first to completely cover the entire body of knowledge of software DFSS, and the first to tie all quality improvement methods used in the design stage together with a software DFSS algorithm.
With appropriate corporate strategy, Six Sigma and DFSS in R&D help to generate superior products and competitive profitability.