DFYDone for You
DFYDesigned for You
DFYDrug Free Youth (various locations)
DFYDesign for Yield
DFYDivision for Youth (New York; rehabilitation)
DFYDemocratic Federal Yugoslavia
DFYDreams for Youth (San Antonio, TX)
DFYDancing Foot Yoga
DFYDon't Flatter Yourself
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The differences among available DFM and DFY toolsets in part reflect a particular EDA company's position between the two extremes.
But, it is not the only factor affecting yield: Faster and more efficient routing algorithms, more automated DFM-awareness within toolsets, and the establishment of DFY standards also have roles to play.
Ms Lintott said she found 24% of Britons claim to do no decorating at all, relying entirely on handyman and DFY services.
Justin announced: 'DIY is out and DFY - that's Done For You - is in.
When faced with the prospect of stripping paint from a door, you have two options - DIY or DFY The DIY option involves applying a paint stripper like Colron Furniture Stripper and tackling it yourself following the instructions on the packet, but we prefer the DFY (done for you) option of sending it off and having it chemically stripped.
So instead of DIY, read DFY or - in it's unabbreviated form - Done For You Keen to get to the bottom of things we bagged a copy of the report (darlings, it's not what you know but who you know) and what we discovered made for interesting reading.
Forget DIY, when it comes to inspiration, what we really want is DFY - Done For You.