DG18Dichloran-18-Glycerol Agar
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Complementing DG18 is Lab M's DichloranRose Bengal Chloramphenicol Agar (ISO), which is designed for the enumeration of viable yeasts and moulds in products with a higher water activity - above 0.
em milho em funcao de doses de radiacao gama, avaliada por contagem em meio DG18 (agar dichloran com 18% de glicerol).
Duplicates of each dilution were spread-plated on DG18 culture media (Verhoeff et al.
Also, the culture media used for both the air and dust samples, DG18, has high solute concentration, which limits the amount of available water.
We calculated separately the average airborne fungal concentrations per sampling per site from MEA and DG18 culture plates and calculated differences between paired MEA and DG18 by subtracting the concentrations of DG18 from those on MEA.
9% NaCl and plated on DG18 (dichloran-18% glycerol agar) and 0.