DGBDeutscher Gewerkschaftsbund
DGBDirection Générale du Budget (French: General Directorate of Budget; various locations)
DGBDéveloppement du Grain de Blé (French: Development of Wheat Grain)
DGBDistributed Gaussian Basis
DGBDaegu Bank Ltd. (Daegu City, South Korea)
DGBDe Groot Bril (Earth Sciences, The Netherlands)
DGBDiesel Generator Building
DGBDynamic Gate Bias
DGBDense Graded Base
DGBDynamic Guard Bandwidth
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Teaming up with a partner such as DGB, who understands local needs and can build solutions that include our managed services, is something that we were looking for," continues Mr.
Its first DGB conversion retrofit kits--for oil and gas applications--were introduced to the market in 2013, and Cat reported that it has since sold hundreds of those kits for the 3512 Series diesel engines.
To put it mildly, this is going too far," DGB head Reiner Hoffmann told the Tagesspiegel newspaper, questioning the readiness of GDL chief Claus Weselsky to find a compromise deal.
En la Casa Sindical DGB Haus un sindicalista inquiere: --?
Only 221 of the 614 members of the German parliament (36 per cent) turned out to be members of the DGB throughout the 16th electoral period.
In its 'Comprehensive Transportation Plan' of 1994 the DGB already argued for an integrated transport system and has confirmed this political strategy until today (DGB 1994; 2002).
En definitiva, el trabajo de campo realizado en las bibliotecas publicas de Tijuana nos muestra que usuarios y bibliotecarios hacen un uso flexible de este recurso, adaptandolo, a partir de una lectura propia del entorno, para subsanar carencias y satisfacer expectativas que no necesariamente han sido contempladas por los programas de la DGB.
German union umbrella group DGB, which organized the demonstrations, said nearly 100,000 people had marched in Stuttgart, Dortmund, Nuremberg and Erfurt, voicing their displeasure with Merkel's coalition for offloading the costs of the financial crisis.
DGB has been shortlisted in the Marketing and Business Development category.
Dave Bilton, of Newcastle-based DGB Events, the event's associate producer, said: "Speirs and Major Associates are world renowned designers and artists and for them to come to Durham and take part in Lumiere is truly an honour.
The Memory Bank is part of the City Library opening programme of events organised by event producers DGB Events.
He also said that DGB was disappointed with Shuaa Capital's attempts to force conversion of the bond, 'without prior warning, consultation or agreement.