DGBASDirectorate General of Budget Accounting and Statistics (Taiwan)
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Mei Chia-yuan , deputy director of the DGBAS Statistics Department, said due to a hike in tobacco taxes in Taiwan, the prices of the product rose 32.
One of the hardest hit sectors was manufacturing, which the DGBAS attributed to the continued movement by Taiwan companies to China where labor is considerably cheaper.
Chen Min, deputy director of the national-status census department, DGBAS, pointed out that fresh school graduates had gradually found jobs and the number of jobless people caused by business shrinkage or closures didn't expand, leading to decline in unemployment rate in November.
A DGBAS official said that the gloomy economic climate has discouraged employers from raising wages.
As a result, the DGBAS reduced the forecast scale of export decline for the entire year to 2.
The DGBAS survey shows that unemployed people resulting from business contraction or closure began to appear in July, when the number of such people increased by 1,000.
According to the DGBAS survey, the jobless rate of basic-level labor, including skilled workers, machinery operators, and manual workers, reached 4.
Mei Jiayuan, a DGBAS official, characterized the status of Taiwan's economy as anemic growth.
Premier Sean Chen said that the inclusion of the factor into the tally of unemployment rate is worthy of consideration and he will discuss the issue with the DGBAS.
DGBAS figures show average regular monthly pay of NT$37,222 (US$1,240.
A DGBAS official noted that the drop of September's unemployment rate from the August level is a normal situation but the scale of the decline is smaller than the previous two years, underscoring the conservative employment policy of enterprises.
GI's forecast of the global economic growth rate has been a major reference of the DGBAS in estimating Taiwan's GDP, since the DGBAS uses it as the basis for calculating the global demand for Taiwan-made products.