DGCIDiscrete Geometry for Computer Imagery
DGCIDirecção Geral de Contribuições e Impostos (Portugal)
DGCIDépartement de Gestion et de Commerce Internationale (French: Department of Management and International Commerce)
DGCIDark Green Color Index
DGCIDanes Gourmet Coffee Institute (Australia)
DGCIDSCS GMF Control Interface
DGCIDelayed Gamma-Camera Images
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La DGCI refuse pour l'instant de dire a qui a ete finalement accordee cette franchise.
d INE e DGCI propriedades das empresas locais, exceto imoveis ou existencias, da nesima empresa [VN.
When the study started in spring, both the MCI and DGCI showed low, decreasing values, because energy was being used either for metabolic maintenance or for fueling the gonad energy requirements.
The average of the transformed HSB values yielded a single measure of dark green color, the DGCI value, which ranged from zero to one with higher values corresponding to darker green color.
A la DGCI, on refuse de nous indiquer le pourquoi et le comment de cette decision, ni quand est-ce que le Magasin General (MG) pourra avoir acces a la concurrence loyale face a ses principaux concurrents qui sont deja comme lui dans la grande distribution.
DGCI, Bordeaux, France, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York: Springer.
Compiled from the raw data of DGCI & S, "Monthly Statistics of foreign Exports", Vol.
At the same time, the internal organisations of DGCI and DGAIEC were radically changed from a tax-specific structure (personal income taxes, corporate taxes, consumption taxes) to a functional structure (assessment, collection, auditing, taxpayer services and tax justice).
Birch continued, "Although the decision of the DGCI with respect to our confirmatory Phase III trial for IL-13 is not uncommon within the drug development arena, we are disappointed with this result.
The DGCI has taken objections to these advertisements and has decided to write to the respective companies.