DGETDirection Générale des Études Technologiques (French: General Directorate of Technological Studies; Tunisia)
DGETDirectorate General of Employment and Training (India)
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The highlight of the workshop was a presentation by Anwar al Sketty, director of continuing education, DGET, Ministry of Health.
En marzo de 2002, recuerda North, la DGET publico una nota informativa en la que suscribe: ".
4) uses both NSSO and DGET data to indicate that informal employment in the formal sector (private and public) constituted more than 20 million in 1993-94, growing to 25 million by 1999-00.
ernment and the Executive are also py about the r cuts at a time of Members up in l Democrats' Jenny "The Budget because Wales ng for education and e stimulation of the ot the time to be dgets for core nts a stimulus proximately pounds 3bn believes would 0,000 jobs between ng Darling can do to think the glass is r and Pub so
Consequently, agencies reporting operating budget of less than $500,000-$1 million were categorized as low-budget agencies, while those with budgets ranging from $1 million to $3 million were referred to as mid-range budget agencies, and agencies with annual bu dgets of $3-$5 million were designated as high-budget agencies.