DGGSDivision of Geological and Geophysical Surveys
DGGSDouglas G. Grafflin School
DGGSDartford Girls Grammar School (England)
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DGGS will provide the capability to properly integrate global geospatial, social, and economic information.
The aeromagnetic, electromagnetic, and radiometric geophysical survey data is available through the DGGS office, located at 3354 College Road in Fairbanks.
The publication is available free of charge at most participating agencies - DGGS, the USGS Earth Science Information Centers, and DNR and BLM public information offices.
It is timely for DGGS to become the de facto standard grid referencing system globally for geographic Big Data, said Dr Zoheir Sabeur, Science Director at University of Southampton IT Innovation Centre, United Kingdom, and co-chair of the OGC DGGS Standards and Domain Working Groups.
In 1979 the USGS and the DGGS conducted a joint stratigraphic-geochemical field project within ANWR.
Mail orders should be sent to the Fairbanks DGGS office (Fax: +1.
Source: Alaska's mineral industry reports published annually by DGGS
The DGGS and the Bureau of Economic Geology of the University of Texas at Austin cooperated in producing a study published in August of 1998 entitled, "Coalbed Methane Potential and Exploration Targets for Rural Alaskan Communities.
In some areas, DGGS worked with mining companies and with private landowners and obtained their assistance and confidential data which was used to increase the coverage and the accuracy of the mapping.
The OGC DGGS candidate standard defines a set of rules for defining highly efficient architectures for spatial data storage and analytics.
The 65-page booklet can be obtained, free of charge, from the DGGS office at 794 University Avenue, Suite 200, Fairbanks, Alaska 99709 (phone 907-451-5020).