DGHCDarjeeling Gorkha Hill Council (India)
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It was Gurung's rise and Ghisingh's steady eclipse that saw the state administration in Bengal junk the earlier avatar of a DGHC and rubber-stamp a new entity called GTA in 2011, with Gurung at its helm.
Yet, Ghisingh and Gurung were both happy with what they had got in the bargain - a corpus of huge state funds to manage in the name of DGHC and GTA, respectively.
Until the GTA takes shape, the DGHC will be headed by a new five-member board of administrators.
In the last tripartite meeting in Delhi on August 11, it was agreed to abolish DGHC and work for an alternative framework in Darjeeling.
It was agreed, in principle, to the repeal of the DGHC Act, 1988.