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DGLDeglycyrrhizinated Licorice (cough remedy)
DGLdergleichen (German: the like, ditto; also desgleichen)
DGLDingli (postal locality, Malta)
DGLDistributed Graphics Library (Silicon Graphics)
DGLDirty Girl for Life
DGLDiocese of the Great Lakes
DGLDevice Independent Graphics Language/Libraries
DGLDoped Glass Laser
DGLDirect Growth Lithography
DGLDifferential-Game-Based Guidance Law
DGLDienstgruppenleiter (German police leader)
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48)) (-50)) In contrast, the reported effects of acute pharmacological blockade of DGL on eCB-STD were highly controversial.
In particular, DGL find that the overall impact of legalized abortion in the 1970s on teenage unmarried childbearing of birth cohorts affected by this change in law is a 6% reduction.
We posit that the CLM comes "online" and interacts with the DGL at the earliest point of language learning.
Tait Walker acted as lead adviser to DGL during the buy out, with legal advice provided by Ward Hadaway.
Finally, the negative significance of the DGL supports Hypothesis 7, which states that a more open economy will encourage the internationalization of insurance products and hence a greater volume of IIT.
DPL's growth is underpinned by PNG which is now able to pay dividends to DGL after dividend blockers have been removed.
DGL are one of only a small number of circuit board suppliers around the world that target their product specifically to the gaming industry.
Soil textures Moisture Collection Location ([double dagger]) rating Blue grama CHC Cactus Hills S-L poor CVY Carberry S poor DGL Douglas S-L poor GDL1 Goodlands S-L poor GDL2 Goodlands([sections]) L fair KGR Kruger fine S-L poor LDR Lauder S poor OAK Oak Lake S/S-L fair RSL Russel thin S-L/G poor S10 Glenboro S poor SDY Sydney S poor Little bluestem BVN Boissevain C/C-L good GWD Griswold S/S-L fair HOL Holland C-L good HTY Hartney S-L/S poor HTY-S Hartney (saline) S-L/C fair HWY Highway S poor INT1 St.
Over the past several years, DGL has diversified its cash flow generation and asset base leading to lower business risk.
Lirio Sandoval, DGL Glo Sandoval and Peacebuilder president Edith de Ello.
After months of monitoring the patient's blood pressure and cortisol levels, as a team we were able to taper her down on the prednisone and keep her adrenal function from crashing, by using DGL and occasionally ginseng for adrenal support as her blood pressure improved at lower dosages of prednisone.
Breezemount Transport joins other major names in the area, including Black & Decker, Boots the Chemist, DGL Distribution and the Government Land Registry.