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DGLADihomogamma-Linolenic Acid
DGLADallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance
DGLADifferential Graded Lie Algebra (mathematics)
DGLADutch Gay and Lesbian Athletics (est. 1999; Netherlands)
DGLADiamond and Gem Laboratories of America, LLC (Horsham, PA)
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GLA's systemic influence lies in the conversion of its intermediate DGLA into anti-inflammatory, signalling molecules called eicosanoids.
This disease has a foundation in fatty acid abnormalities, with particularly low DGLA and high ARA levels in nerve membranes and red blood cell membranes.
Moreover, GLA, DGLA, DPA6, and EPA concentrations in plasma as well as DGLA, DPA6, and EPA concentrations in erythrocyte membranes were increased in pancreatic insufficient patients.
We observed no significant influence of sex on the AA/ DGLA ratio.
Therefore, direct dietary supplementation of GLA is often required to ensure that adequate levels of PGE1 and 15-OH DGLA are synthesized by the body.
GLA supplementation is used for the production of PGE1 and 15-OH DGLA and to normalize the production of AA derived eicosanoids and, thus, control or cure several disease states.
The DGLA was created to inspire the next generation of global student leaders to take positive action in their communities.
Pharma-grade DGLA used to treat eczema, psoriasis, arthritis
27 /PRNewswire/ -- The omega-6 fatty acid DGLA, which has potent anti-inflammatory actions and has not previously been readily accessible from any natural source, is now available in commercial quantities and to a super-pure specification, specialist lipid manufacturer Equateq announced in advance of InformEx 2009.
0 g/d also resulted in an enrichment of DGLA in neutrophil phospholipids but no change in GLA or AA levels.