DGLMDeliberate Gentle Love Master
DGLMDeutsche Gesellschaft für Laboratoriumsmedizin (German)
DGLMDeutsche Gesellschaft für Lasermedizin eV (German: German Society for Laser Medicine)
DGLMDynamic Generalized Linear Models
DGLMDystel and Goderich Literary Management (New York, NY)
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According to its June 27 blog post, DGLM will "facilitate e-publishing for those of our clients who decide that they want to go this route, after consultation and strategizing about whether they should try traditional publishing first.
In its announcement, DGLM emphasized that it would be offering its new services as a literary agent, not as a publisher.
While DGLM was firm in stating that its new epublishing services are in line with its role as a literary agent, other agencies clearly have crossed over into the role of publisher--a move that some view as a conflict of interest since an agent traditionally works with a publisher in the best interest of the author.