DGLVDark Green Leafy Vegetables
DGLVDirectoraat-Generaal Luchtvaart (Dutch: General Directorate of Civil Aviation; Belgium)
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Dichotomous variables were computed for DGLV, OF and 'other fruit and vegetables' using median intake values as cut-points (19 g, 13 g and 36 g, respectively) as no transformation was effective to achieve normal distributions of these data.
Linear and logistic regressions, using pre- and post-intervention data, were used to examine the effect of intervention status and WDL membership status, and of an interaction between these variables, on the dietary outcomes (grams of foods in the DGLV, OF and 'other fruit and vegetables' groups; intakes of iron, zinc and Vitamin A; and diet quality indicators: DD, %ASF, and phytate:zinc molar ratio).
Post-intervention, more intervention-group women consumed DGLV compared to control-group women, although this difference was not statistically significant (p=0.
A few of the participants volunteered to describe how some of the DGLV could be used in food preparation for the benefit of those who did not know and it was revealed that the vegetables were sometimes inappropriately prepared and stored, which could result in the loss of nutrients.
tomato paste, flavour enhancers Extensive use of herbicides destroys most DGLV that grow in the wild Excessive use and wrong choice of agrochemicals on vegetables Fruits Traditional Food culture, e.
This, they said, was attributable to the high consumption of DGLVs among the northern tribes.
We are confident that Digital will quickly rebuild the market value of DGLV.
Baldwin Yung, President of DGLV & Digital, stated, "Our proprietary technology is expected to change the way companies promote, track and manage the sharing, licensing, and distribution of their digital assets.
For up to date corporate information about DGLV, contact Boaz Yung at 415-982-3458 (DGLV) or info@digilava.
In accordance with the plan of liquidation and dissolution, DGLV will make liquidating distributions, if any, only to stockholders of record as of January 30, 2002.
No assurance can be given that DGLV will be able to avoid circumstances that might prevent it from making liquidation payments, including litigation or new liabilities that might arise between now and any liquidation payment date.