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DGMDiscipline Global Mobile (record company)
DGMDeutsche Gesellschaft für Muskelkranke
DGMDeputy General Manager
DGMD.Gray-Man (anime)
DGMDevlet Güvenlik Mahkemesi
DGMDeputy Grand Master
DGMDirección General de Migración (Guatemala)
DGMDepartment of Geology and Mines
DGMDirection Générale de la Mondialisation, du Développement et des Partenariats (French: General Directorate of Globalization, Development and Partnerships)
DGMDigital Geophysical Mapping
DGMDivision for Global Mission (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America)
DGMDirectoraat Generaal Milieubeheer (Dutch ministry for environment administration)
DGMDigital Group Multiplexer
DGMDark Gray Metallic (Subaru paint color)
DGMDisqualification Under Rule 69.1 (B) (2); (Racing Rules of Sailing)
DGMDivision of General Medicine
DGMDwit Gol Mok (Korean restaurant; Los Angeles, CA)
DGMDefense Guidance Memorandum
DGMDaimler Motoren Gesellschaft
DGMDetailed Geometric Model
DGMDivision of Geriatric Medicine
DGMDelhi Gate Multan (Pakistan)
DGMData Gathering Monitor
DGMDéménagement Garde Meuble (French moving company)
DGMDiagnostic Medical Systems (France)
DGMDividend Growth Model (finance)
DGMDépartement de Génie Mécanique (French: Department of Mechanical Engineering)
DGMDirection Générale de Migration (French: General Directorate of Migration; Congo)
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The story of DGM target, Tammi, adds a thoughtful note as DGM members think about the justification and consequences of their actions.
Keeping in view the prevailing situation, CDA has taken decision in consultation with establishment division that 15 officers from DGM will be inducted in the first phase soon.
The DGM, based on 15 years of research at the IFR in partnership with PBL, accurately simulates the physical and biochemical processes that occur within the human stomach.
3 February 2012 - Union Securities Ltd acted as agent for the initial public offering (IPO) of DGM Minerals Corp, the Vancouver-based mineral exploration company said upon the deal's close on Thursday.
DGM specifies that the master film in the Filmdex CnC process can be used eight times, but some users are re-porting using it 12-15 times before replacing it, further lowering the cost of production.
We reviewed laboratory records of urine specimens submitted for investigations from patients admitted to various specialties at DGM and its referral clinics over a 1-year period (1 November 2005-31 October 2006).
The HiLine Express is equipped with the DGM 1240 folder, Manugraph DGM's 1:2:2 automated design folder.
He added that DGM also should have ensured the men were wearing safety harnesses, which they were not.
Since DGM can terminate the contract prior to the expiration of its term if the Angolan Ministry of Justice does not provide funding for the project, the value of the contract is not guaranteed.
bought DGM 430 units configured as a four-high tower as an addition to its press line.
Handled by MDGM agent Man Ferrostaal, the sale includes a 10-unit DGM 430 press, four DGM single-position rollstands and one DGM 1035 folder with upper former (using a Fuji low-pressure blower) and DGM operator console.
This year, MDGM also brought to market its DGM 1270 folder, a 70,000-cph 2:3:4 jaw folder that can be used with Americolor.