DGMODirector General of Military Operations (Pakistan)
DGMODivision of Grants Management Operations (US DHHS)
DGMODynamic Games and Multicriteria Optimization (seminar)
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According to the sources, DGMO briefed the House first and told that military courts have announced verdicts of 274 hardcore terrorists cases so far.
The DGMO told the Senate that 13,011 operations have been conducted in Punjab - including seven major operations - whereas 1,410 - including 29 major operations - have been undertaken in Balochistan, sources said.
The DGMO briefing, focusing on full-spectrum issues, lasted for an hour after which there was a question and answer session for around three hours, said the Army spokesman.
According to the one-point agenda issued for Tuesday's meeting of the Committee of the Whole House formed by the chairman 'to prepare policy guidelines in the light of the emerging regional realities and the role of the United States', the army chief and the DGMO will give a 'briefing on the emerging national security paradigm for Pakistan with respect to recent visits / developments'.
Pakistan Army's support [for] terrorism is unacceptable,"The Statesman quoted the DGMO as saying.
Pakistani DGMO was also informed about the spate of Ceasefire Violations which also included caliber escalation coupled with incidents of sniping and attempted infiltration bids.
This was the first time that the DGMOs from the two nuclear-armed neighbors held face-to-face talks.
Speaking to the media after the briefing, ISPR DG Asif Ghafoor said the DGMO 'talked about the geostrategic environment from a security lens, informed the senators about threats to national security, and gave an update on the war on terror and future plan of action.
DGMO level talks on behest of Pakistans DGMO was held on 17 Jul 17.
The DGMO also noted that firing by Indian troops was initiated against armed intruders trying to sneak into India "from proximity of Pakistan posts".
The delegations were led by Afghan DGMO Major General Habib Hesari and Resolute Support Mission's Deputy Chief of Staff (Operations) Major General Christopher Haas.
The Pak DGMO asked his Indian counterpart to provide"actionable evidence"related to the incident and urged the Indian army to look inwards to probe the incident, the ISPR said.