DGNSSDifferential Global Navigation Satellite System
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The downhill zones can be distinguished using the position or altitude data of the DGNSS.
In this study, we used an automatic method to identify the subtechniques, and used a small DGNSS module to measure the velocity and course grade.
The aims of the present study were (1) to develop an automated identification system using angular rate sensors, and (2) to examine the relationships among the skiing velocity, course conditions, and subtechniques using a DGNSS and an automated identification system.
The skiing velocity was measured using a small DGNSS module at all over the course, which made it possible to evaluate the technical features of skiers together with the results of the automatic identification.
The demonstrator simulates a conventional and a reverse DGNSS system as used with Galileo, comprising, on the one hand, the usual service centre components for recording, calculating and transmitting raw and correction data, and, on the other hand, a rover component for receiving and visualizing this information.
The SAILOR 656X GNSS and SAILOR 657X DGNSS join the already available SAILOR 6391 Navtex and SAILOR 628X AIS as new generation SAILOR products designed to work with the SAILOR 6004 Control Panel.
The SAILOR 656X GNSS and the SAILOR 657X DGNSS collect satellite data from any available navigation satellites including GPS and GLONASS and distribute it to a variety of on board systems such as; ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display System), INS (Integrated Navigation System), GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress & Safety System), SATCOM (Satellite Communication System), MCS (Master Clock Systems) and PABX (Telephone Exchanges).
The SAILOR 6560 GNSS System and SAILOR 6570 DGNSS System are delivered with the SAILOR 6004 Control Panel and the corresponding SAILOR 6285 GNSS Antenna or SAILOR 6286 DGNSS Antenna, while the SAILOR 6561 GNSS Basic and SAILOR 6571 DGNSS Basic are delivered with the antennas only.
The new Trimble SPS356 DGNSS Beacon Receiver is available now through Trimble's Marine Dealer Channel.
The unique modular Pivot Platform freely allows DGNSS service providers to set up their beacon landscape in a variety of system configurations from a stand-alone DGNSS beacon station to multiple networked DGNSS beacon stations, which can be centrally operated and managed to minimize the maintenance of remote locations.