DGZDeutsche Girozentrale (German bank)
DGZDesired Ground Zero
DGZDesignated Ground Zero
DGZDeutsche Bank AG (German bank)
DGZDierengezondheidszorg Vlaanderen (Dutch: Animal Health Care Flanders; Belgium)
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SecureSphere DGZ provides comprehensive security and an iron-clad audit trail covering all paths into and out of DB2 databases on the z/OS platform.
To automate regulatory compliance tasks, SecureSphere DGZ maintains a complete and tamper proof record of all activity on DB2 databases.
To prevent data breaches and data loss, SecureSphere DGZ monitors inbound and outbound DB2 traffic for suspicious activity.
When deployed together, the SecureSphere DGZ and web application firewall (WAF) is the only integrated platform that can correlate and protect against attacks that span multiple application tiers, such as a complex SQL injection string.
DGZ DekaBank chose IDEE to support its entire workflow and provide portfolio analysis, portfolio modeling, pre-trade compliance, and performance measurement and attribution.
decalog's IDEE was chosen because it was ranked number one in DGZ DekaBank's internal market survey," says Mr.
DGZ DekaBank, born out of the merger of Deutsche Girozentrale-Deutsche Kommunalbank- and DekaBank GmbH, is a central institution of the German Sparkassen (savings bank) organization and is active in the wholesale banking and investment fund sector.
DGZ DekaBank, incorporated under public law, is based in Frankfurt and Berlin and has a total workforce of around 2,000 employees -- including subsidiaries.
Other prestigious clients added in this sector include DGZ DekaBank, the largest investment bank in Germany, ING Group, a Global 1000 financial institution active in the fields of banking, insurance and asset management, and Royal Bank of Canada Financial Group, the largest and oldest financial institution in Canada.
80 to US$1) at year-end 1997, DGZ is a central institution of the German savings banks sector which had a market share of 37% at year-end 1997 and comprises 598 savings banks, 12 Landesbanken, and DGZ.
While DGZ]s functions within the decentralized savings bank sector have been limited in the past, the envisaged merger with Deka Bank GmbH will increase the strategic importance of DGZ for the sector.