DGZDeutsche Girozentrale (German bank)
DGZDesired Ground Zero
DGZDesignated Ground Zero
DGZDeutsche Bank AG (German bank)
DGZDierengezondheidszorg Vlaanderen (Dutch: Animal Health Care Flanders; Belgium)
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SecureSphere DGZ provides comprehensive security and an iron-clad audit trail covering all paths into and out of DB2 databases on the z/OS platform.
To automate regulatory compliance tasks, SecureSphere DGZ maintains a complete and tamper proof record of all activity on DB2 databases.
To prevent data breaches and data loss, SecureSphere DGZ monitors inbound and outbound DB2 traffic for suspicious activity.
DGZ maintains a segregated, revolving pool of high-quality public sector loans on which the Oeffentliche Pfandbriefe have a preferential claim.
80 to US$1) at year-end 1997, DGZ is a central institution of the German savings banks sector which had a market share of 37% at year-end 1997 and comprises 598 savings banks, 12 Landesbanken, and DGZ.