DHACDepartment of Health and Aged Care (now Department of Health and Ageing; Australia)
DHACDivision of Health Assessment and Consultation
DHACDon't Have A Clue
DHACDedham Health & Athletic Complex
DHACDon't Have A Cow
DHACDearborn Highland Arts Council (Lawrenceburg, IN)
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Conditions were on the cold side, with the skies grey and overcast, yet the clouds certainly had a silver lining for the emerging Barnsley DHAC squad, who "cleaned-up" with first, second and third in the Yorkshire section and had another man outside the team count but still a place in front of Holmfirth's first man, their World Cup fell racer John Taylor who, similar to Pickup, has gone faster than his return of 1-20-11.
DHAC conducts public health activities for all sites proposed for or listed on the National Priorities List (NPL), in response to petitions for public health assessments received from the public, and to support local, state, federal, and tribal governments concerned about releases of hazardous substances in the environment.
To use the water park and the club's outdoor facilities, individuals join the Summer Club, which is a seasonal membership offered at a discount to regular DHAC members.
New drugs under study include carboplatin (a drug similar to cisplatin), DHAC, trimetrexate, taxol, echinomycin, menogaril, ACM-A, and AZQ.